Semiautomatic Triblock - Version for charmat method/ Beer

Mod. 2011S-MRTG/1
Isobaric Filler (effervescent/still drinks) + Corker (champagne/straight corks) + Wire-hooding machine


The SEMIAUTOMATIC TRIBLOCK assembles in a single machine the functions of filling, corking and wire-hooding. It is suitable for the bottling in glass containers with a diameter ranging from 55 to 115 mm and a maximum height of 375 mm.


The isobaric filler is suitable for the bottling with effervescent drinks and, on demand, with still drinks. 

Depending on the product to be bottled, the machine can be equipped with various optional accessories, such as: 


-Injection of clean CO2 before the filling 

-Automatic filling cycle 


The valves have been designed to ensure the attainment of the precise filling levels desired.


The corker, made of steel and equipped with a safety device, closes with natural champagne corks and is suitable for small or medium productions. By request and with the suitable adaptation kit (supplied at cost) it is possible to apply natural wine corks with the same turret.   

The wire-hooding machine is suitable for the application of the wire-hoods and their closure. It is possible to apply the following types of wire-hoods: 4-leg wire-hood with cap and 4-leg wire-hood without cap.  

The 2011S-MRTG/1 model is completely manufactured with stainless steel, a material with high compatibility with food products and easy to be cleaned. Some parts are made of plastic material or rubber, also these materials are certified for food usage or compatible with that use, the panels at the entrance to the working zone   are of shock-resistant or high-resistance transparent material, which allows the operator controlling the working process. All components of the machine can be easily inspected to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance operations so guaranteeing a long life. 

The machine is equipped with Safety guards and Certificate of conformity compliant to the EC regulations.



  • Pre- evacuation