Semiautomatic Crowner for crown corks

Mod. 2008S-TC/1
Suitable for the application of crown corks.


The semi automatic crowner mod. 2008-TC/1 is for use in small and medium manufacturing plants and is suitable for the application of crown corks with a diameter of 26, 29 or 30.5. It can process cylindrical glass bottles with a diameter of 55 mm. to 115 mm. and with a maximum height of 375 mm. Its production is 600 bott/h. 

It can apply standard crown corks, crown corks with bidule and twist-off crown corks.

Model is completely manufactured with stainless steel, food-grade plastic materials, and steel alloys. All components of the machine are accessible to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, so guaranteeing long-term duration.

The machine is equipped with Safety guards and Certificate of conformity compliant to the EC regulations.