Automatic Wire-hooder, Mini version

Mod. 2015A-2TR/10
For the application of the wire-hoods.



The automatic Wire-hooder, MINI version, 2015A-2TR/10 model is the new entry of the OMBF’s range of automatic wire-hooders.

With its hourly throughput of 900/1000 bottles, it is the smallest of the range, designed to the inserted in low production bottling lines.

Suitable for the application of 4-post wire-hoods with or without cap on glass containers with ø ranging from 55 to 115 mm and heights from 240 to 375mm (OR from 190 to 325 mm); in fact, thanks to its turret with height adjustment through a knob on the rear side, the machine allows processing various bottle formats. 

On demand and with the necessary modifications, it can process bigger bottles.   

The parts of the machine are driven through a transmission gear controlled through a reducer and an electrical motor.  

The bottles are introduced in the machine through a mechanically operated spacing starwheel. 

Is possible the application of a spacing screw unit consisting of the supports + the screw (on demand with extra price, see Options). 

The bottle format change is made by substituting the central carrousel, the conveyor, the bottle lifting piston and its reduction ring and the spacing starwheel (or the screw, if any) - (at cost, see Options).  

The bottles are conveyed through a central carrousel and pneumatic pistons positioning them under the wire-hooding head.

The machine needs to be fed continuously with compressed air since some devices are operated pneumatically. 

As basic equipment, for the loading of the wire-hoods the machine bears two distribution channels interchangeable alternatively, which are pre-loaded with wire-hoods to guarantee a reserve of 250 wire-hoods each. 

As an alternative, on demand and with extra price, it is possible to equip the machine with a wire-hood magazine of revolver type (see Options).

The distribution of the wire-hoods is made through a pneumatically controlled selector allowing separating the wire-hoods and loading them in the 2 seizing heads (manufactured to measure) supplied on the standard machine for 1 type of wire-hood. 

Other types of wire-hoods (different sizes, with or without cap, etc.) require additional heads that can be supplied in simple version or equipped with rapid connection device called wire-hood head connection unit (see Options).

Through the vertical movement of the bottle given by the piston the wire-hood is positioned and oriented to give the champagne corks their final shape, after that the twister closes the wire-hood forming the eyelet. 

At the entrance the standard machine is equipped with a micro-switch detecting the presence of the bottle (on demand and with extra price it is possible to substitute it with a photocell).

The standard machine is also equipped with a photocell detecting the missing cork/bottle.

The machine can be equipped with devices detecting the presence of the wire-hood and/or controlling the bottle accumulation at the discharge (at cost, see Options). 

The speed of the wire-hooder is controlled through an electronic variable speed drive (INVERTER) positioned on the motor, which by means of a potentiometer on the switchboard, allows precise and sensitive speed variation (from the minimum to the maximum throughput). 



The model 2015A-2TR/10 is completely manufactured in stainless steel, food-grade plastic materials,  and steel alloys. All the machine components are easily accessible to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, so guaranteeing long term duration.

The machine is equipped with Safety guards and Certificate of conformity compliant to the EC regulations.



Bottle type: glass (H from 240 to 375 mm. OR from 190 to 325 mm – SPECIAL MACHINE; D from 55 to 115 mm.)

Wire-hood type: 4-post wire-hoods with/without cap

Machine mass 800 Kg.

Dimensions: cm 120x105XH. 290

Air supply pressure (Bar): 6

Air consumption at 6 Bar (L/sec.): 0.15/0.20

Main power voltage: 220V 50Hz SINGLE-PHASE 

Auxiliary power voltage: 24V 50Hz 

Total power installed: 1.1 kW

Magazine with capacity of 250pcs: Standard  

Magazine with revolver MINI, capacity 900/1.000 pcs: Option 

Magazine with revolver, capacity 1.500 pcs: Option




  • Magazine of revolver type, capacity of 1,500 wire-hoods 
  • Magazine of revolver type MINI, capacity of 900 wire-hoods 



  • Photocell detecting the presence of the wire-hood at the discharge of the machine 
  • Photocell controlling the bottle accumulation at the discharge