Automatic Agitator 1-Seat

Mod. 2012A-1R/1
For the mixing of the “liqueur”.


The Automatic agitator Mod. 2012A-1R/1, designed and manufactures to meet the needs of low to average productions, can reach an hour throughput of about 500 bottles.

The machine is suitable to mix the “liqueur” contained in the bottle in the productions according to the champenoise méthode (classical method).

Model is completely manufactured with stainless steel, food-grade plastic materials, and steel alloys. All components of the machine are accessible to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, so guaranteeing long term duration. The access walls to the working area are made of shock-resistant high-resistance transparent material that allows the operator to follow the process. All components of the machine are easily accessible to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance  operations, which guarantees a long life. 

The machine is equipped with Safety guards and Certificate of conformity compliant to the EC regulations.

Agitatore Automatico a 1 vano