3PACK - Compact Packaging Monoblock

Mod. 2009A-M3/6-12
Case sealer, Case erector, Case packer or Taping machine


The 3PACK monoblock packaging machine was designed and manufactured to meet the needs of small and medium companies thanks to its compactness and its hourly throughput that can reach around 2,000 bottles

It combines 3 packaging stations in one machine:

CASE ERECTOR – American type case (flat) erector 

CASE PACKER “Pick & Place” type – Insertion of bottles in the case both vertically and horizontally

As to the sealing unit, the machine is available in 2 models, based on customer’s requirements and  requests:

  • With GLUE SEALING MACHINE – Closure of upper and lower edges using hot-melt glue (PREO type glue unit, other brands on request);
  • With TAPING MACHINE – using PVC tape, width 50 mm. – closure of upper and lower flaps – in this case removing the glue units inside the packer or only upper flaps maintaining lower edge glue closure.

Model 2009A-M3/6-12 consists of a painted steel frame and panels in stainless steel 304 and Lexan. The components of the machine are in stainless steel, food-grade plastic materials, and steel alloys. They are easily accessible to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, so guaranteeing long term duration.


3PACK - Monoblocco compatto di confezionamento