1-Seat Emptying Unit for containers

Mod. 2014A-1S/1
Suitable for emptying the content of the containers.


The 2014A-1S/1 Model ONE-SEAT EMPTYING UNIT is a machine suitable for emptying the content of the containers arriving from the production line to which it is connected. It can empty various types of product   (even if semisolid like the mayonnaise sauce) and different formats of jars/bottles. It was designed and manufactured to meet the needs of small producers (its production depends from the type of product to be discharged and the format of the containers).

The model is completely manufactured with stainless steel, plastic materials, and stainless steel alloys. All materials feature high alimentary compatibility and are easy to be cleaned. The access panels of the working zone are of transparent, shock resistant and high performance material that allows the operator following the working process. All parts of the machine can be easily inspected to facilitate the cleaning and the maintenance so guaranteeing a long life to the machine.  

The machine is equipped with Safety guards and Certificate of conformity compliant to the EC regulations.


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